Unwelcome Shrink

by Esther Davis

Warren leaned back in the grimy chair, one arm crooked behind his head, the other dangling at his side. He tapped the floor to spin the seat. Bright blue signs with prices for Time Machine repairs hanging behind the counter, the pile of tools and spare parts shoved in corner, the pristine windows that stared at the brick wall next door, all revolved around him.

The door beeped. Warren stopped spinning. Without leaving his seat, he scooted up to the counter and raised the chair back to its normal height before the customer could see.

Dr. Saman entered, scratching his chin through his beard. Warren nodded in greeting. If Dr. Saman smiled Warren couldn’t see it beneath the white bush growing out of his face. Warren found his own beard much nicer. More luscious.

“It broke again?” Warren asked…


Read the rest of “Unwelcome Shrink” and other short stories in A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon.




Inspiration can come from odd places, but I’ve never had it come from a internet ad before. Thanks to whoever modeled that wacky t-shirt! (And to any mechanics out there, I apologizes for Dr. Saman and his snobbery.)

I normally post monthly sketches (the written version of a doodle), but next month is a full length story! It has one of my favorite characters, too! (I’m excited, if you can’t tell ;) ). If you want a reminder, make sure to subscribe or follow me on Twitter @EstherDDavis. Thanks for reading!

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