Submit Your Art

I love collaborating with artists.

Please submit any artwork that fits “family-friendly speculative fiction”. Family-friendly meaning it’s safe for kids to see (but not targeted to kids), and speculative fiction encompassing anything in the fantasy, horror, or sci-fi genres. (The only exception being no fan-art for other movies, books, anime, etc., please.)

ArtistCollaborationWhen I publish your artwork on my blog, you keep all rights to your art, just as I keep all rights to my story. I’ll include credits to you and links to your website/blog/portfolio. (Put links and any other information you want posted in the “Website, Social Media, and other Credits” box.)

If you have artwork that fits with or is based off of a previously posted story, I’m happy to see that too! Please mention which story it goes with in the “other notes” box.

For an example of Artist Collaboration see my story Drogg.

Other questions? Contact me here or via Facebook.


Artwork Submission Form


Conditions of submitting

By submitting my artwork, I (the artist) agree that the submitted art is my original work and I am legally able to submit it. I give the author (Esther Davis) permission to use my artwork on all forms of social media (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and other internet sites at her sole discretion with no financial obligation, provided she gives credit to the artist. The author will retain full rights to all written works, whether or not they are published with the accompaniment of my artwork. The author is under no obligation to use submitted materials.