I’m Esther Davis, author of family-friendly speculative fiction. I post science fiction and fantasy stories on my blog about once a month for free-reading and collaborate with artists to give their work more coverage.

I have several short stories published online, and a book (A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon) publishing August 1st, 2017. Here’s some of my recent stories:

  • Scars (2015, available for free on T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog)
  • Summoners (2016, full story in A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon)
  • Servant of the Tiger (2017, on my blog)

Novels are on their way, so keep an eye out. (Not literally though. That’s kind of gross…)

I spent a year and a half living in Japan. I love the Japanese language and people. One day, maybe I’ll write some original stories in Japanese. (That, boys and girls, is what we call a “long term goal.”)

I love everything about life. And books. Don’t take me to a bookstore unless you’re bringing a wheelbarrow to carry all my new friends home. Speculative fiction is my favorite, but I love any well-written story. Some other favorites include running, gardening, science and math, cats, the outdoors, foreign languages, chocolate, and acting cool as I work with genetically modified spider-goats.

Hope you enjoy the stories. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to say hi to me on Twitter @EstherDDavis, Facebook @EstherDavisAuthor, or Instagram @EstherDavis_Author.

You can also contact me here.