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Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty

Captain Moroni—“a strong and a mighty man…whose soul did joy in liberty and the freedom of his people.” When enemies from both home and abroad threatened to destroy that freedom, he rallied a war-torn nation to stand fast and defend their homeland. 


The tale of Captain Moroni (pronounced mo-ro-nigh) comes from The Book of Mormon, a book with 120 million copies worldwide, 5th best-selling book of all time, and the “4th Most Influential Book in America.” And now, Darin Southam—an experienced writer, actor, and director—wants to take it to the big screen.  

Southam’s Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $120,000 for a short concept film. He intends to make Captain Moroni’s story a full-blow war epic. But first, to raise the needed multi-million dollar budget, Southam is funding a short concept film via Kickstarter with a minimum goal of $150,000. If he can raise above the minimum goal, the money will go towards making the concept film just that more epic.  Continue reading


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Tall Tale TV: Scars

Artwork by Mohammad H. Attaran – https://mhattaran.artstation.com/

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