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B-4 Free on Amazon Kindle

Can you believe that in 8 days A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon comes out?! I might be a bit excited. (What? No, that wasn’t me that you saw shooting off fireworks and dancing on the rooftop last night…)

Anyway, as a finally countdown to A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon‘s release date, 1 of the 20 short stories–B-4–is free on Amazon Kindle this week. Make sure to download your own copy and tell your friends.


B-4 on Amazon Kindle (free July 24th-28th)

Also, make sure to check back in tomorrow for another my July short story. You can subscribe above (below for you mobile users) or follow me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.


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by Esther Davis


The vending machine whined. Dr. Jordynn Chambers snatched the deposited vial from the rusting slot and held it up to eye level. Silky white strands floated in the ethanol. DNA.

Stickers had once labeled the machine, but they faded away long ago. The genetic code could be from any plant. Or animal or bacterium for that matter. Honestly, Jordynn was shocked that the machine even ran. It was old enough to take physical quarters, and Jordynn was old enough to still carry them. She wondered if any of the other professors knew this rusted hunk still existed. Doubtful. The storage room held centuries of discarded—excuse her, archived—student projects. They’d probably hidden her thesis design  down here too, where gathered dust for the past sixty-three years… Continue reading

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