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It’s Here!

 A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon is now available! Read 20+ science fiction, fantasy, and horror tales in Esther Davis’s new short story collection.

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Cover For A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon by Esther Davis

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Book Cover!

Cover For A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon by Esther Davis

The cover for my upcoming book is ready! What do you think?

(A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon, coming soon)




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Born of Flame

by Esther Davis

“Paddle down the creek,” the Phoenix Spirit said, “until the cherry grove mists over, and the waterfall’s tumbling deafens your mind.”

For forty-nine years Feng paid his dues in the Land of Spirits. Now came his second chance.

Jade and opal carpeted the creek bed. Only the occasional stir from Feng’s paddle reminded him that water, not air, separated his sampan from the gemstones. Pink cherry blossoms lined the shore.

Feng let his eyes feast on his surroundings one last time—the green carpeting, the double suns shining above, the creatures and spirits eying the curious traveler. He imagined returning from his mortal voyage, this time entering the Land of Spirits with a clean conscious.

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Dear Papa

"Special Delivery" by Kim Sokol

“Special Delivery” by Kim Sokol

by Esther Davis

The silver dragon perched on the hilltop. Its rider tightened its saddle and adjusted the bundle on its back. Crystal’s sandals pattered on the cobblestone as she gaped at the mail dragon. She ran on, clutching the envelope to her chest.


Dear Papa,

Can I call you Papa? I’ve always wanted a real papa.


Crystal scribbled the words on a scrap of parchment as soon as she slipped away from Mama’s rant. “Made the biggest commotion when it flew in. Rotten magic folk should get the message already. The mayor tried shooing her off, but the rider insisted. Stubborn as rhino dung!”… Continue reading

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