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Within Paper and Ink

by Esther Davis

Amid the raging battle, the book—not the carnage—captivated my mind.

For years, I’d trained in the ancient art of incantations. I’d conquered armies with a conjured tiger fighting at my side. Father entrusted the enchantment of the Imperial Guard’s armor to my care. Yet never had I created an item so powerful as this book.

It terrified me.

That morning, I’d slid the paper doors shut around me, boxing myself in with our family shrine. Heart pounding, mind racing, I fell to me knees on the bamboo matting. The weaved mat dug into my bare shins.

I spoke not, for fear Father would hear my words. If my ancestors truly cared, they’d read the pleas through my tears.

Help me, my heart begged. This sacrifice…I can’t. Show me another way.

I knelt in silence, already knowing my answer. I must finish what I’d started.

I must defeat the Shadows. Continue reading


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Rose of Darkness

by Esther Davis

Water stains and rips decorated the package cupped in her hand. A dirty string held the parchment wrapping together. No address or name, to or from. The mail dragon didn’t need words.

Neither did Emma.

Only one man would seek out the mail dragon to find Emma, hiding in the city of Trygghet.Only one man could have sent it.

Or his enemies… Continue reading

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“Reaching The Wall” by Gary Laib

by Esther Davis

Nowell thrust Fyrsken into the snow and leaned on the sword’s hilt. The frost caking his gloves seeped through the cloth, stinging his fingers.

“We need to go back,” Nowell said.

Sleipnir stopped. The white wolf twisted his neck to peer back at his master. “They don’t deserve you.”… Continue reading


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