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Leaving Out the Parts that People Skip: 3 Ways to Write More Exciting Fiction

Nothing better than a good book. Nothing worse than a boring one.

How do you write those exciting books that readers love? There’s a whole lot more to it than fits in a blog post, but three important tips will help you follow Elmore Leonard’s advise and “leave out the parts that people skip.”


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Releasing Aug 1st – A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon

Cover For A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon by Esther Davis“Why do we read? To taste new worlds. Worlds of magic and wonder, of fear and suspense, and of the secret chambers of the human heart. Whether it wanders the far reaches of the galaxy or hides in our neighbor’s basement, this creature called fiction ensnares our minds and teaches us truths real life never could. Continue reading


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Book Cover!

Cover For A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon by Esther Davis

The cover for my upcoming book is ready! What do you think?

(A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon, coming soon)




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A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon, coming soon

Cover For A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon by Esther DavisTime travel, ghosts, and cranky pet dragons–all crammed inside one cover! I’m excited to officially announce my first book, A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon.

This year, I’m publishing a short story collection. A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon will feature several original stories as well as over a dozen of my previously published works, including “Scars”, “Summoners”, “The Day the Ocean Died,” and “The Nowell Trilogy”.

I’ll keep you updated as publication nears. Stay tuned!

Also, don’t forget to check out my new sketch–“Servant of the Tiger”–posting on May 16th. As always, thanks for reading!


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Thank you to my readers

Konnichi wa minsan! Hello!

I don’t have a fantasy story for you today sadly, but I did want to say a few words. The last 18 months I’ve let this wonderful invention called a computer auto-post a steady stream of sketches and short stories in hopes they could enrich someone’s day. Just this week I returned to WordPress and Twitter and finally saw the responses to my writing. I’m blown away. Thank you so much for your kind words! A writer is nothing without her readers, and I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people reading my work.

Now for a bit of explanation: I put writing on hold for a 18-month trip to Japan as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yes, Japan does have paper and ink–and computers as well–but so that I could focus on missionary work I temporarily suspended work as an author. I’m so grateful for my time in Japan. I met many lifelong friends, had the amazing opportunity to learn the Japanese language, and saw God’s all-encompassing love manifest each of those 567 days. Japan taught me lessons that I could learn no other way.

Now that I’m home I will resume writing. I’ll continue posting sketches on this blog and work towards completing my novel. Stay tuned! Thank you again for all the support. Reader-tachi ga daisuki da yo!

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