Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty

Captain Moroni—“a strong and a mighty man…whose soul did joy in liberty and the freedom of his people.” When enemies from both home and abroad threatened to destroy that freedom, he rallied a war-torn nation to stand fast and defend their homeland. 


The tale of Captain Moroni (pronounced mo-ro-nigh) comes from The Book of Mormon, a book with 120 million copies worldwide, 5th best-selling book of all time, and the “4th Most Influential Book in America.” And now, Darin Southam—an experienced writer, actor, and director—wants to take it to the big screen.  

Southam’s Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $120,000 for a short concept film. He intends to make Captain Moroni’s story a full-blow war epic. But first, to raise the needed multi-million dollar budget, Southam is funding a short concept film via Kickstarter with a minimum goal of $150,000. If he can raise above the minimum goal, the money will go towards making the concept film just that more epic. 

I’ll let the official press release describe this one of a kind campaign.

Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is an epic like Braveheart, but set in the 73 BC pre-Columbian New World. The story follows a humble soldier who rises unexpectedly as the protector of a young republic. Moroni, now Chief Captain of a war-weary nation, defends his country with revolutionary prowess, but his greatest struggle will be uniting a beleaguered people.

…“This film is a passionate ensign for freedom and liberty—full of love, war, and triumph. It’s a gripping story with a universal theme. Every soul longs to be free. That’s why our film is resonating with so many,” says Southam.

The film’s title—Title of Liberty—comes from one of my favorite scenes in Captain Moroni’s story. When Moroni heard of enemies gathering to overthrow the free-government of the land, he “rent his coat,” fastened it on a pole, and wrote a stirring motto across it:

In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children…

Moroni took to the streets of the ancient city, waving his banner, his “Title of Liberty,” and shouting a rallying cry to his fellow citizens. “Whosoever will maintain this title upon the land, let them come forth!”

“[W]hen Moroni had said these words he went … and gathered together all the people who were desirous to maintain their liberty.”

Though a movie can never truly do the book justice, I can’t wait to seen Captain Moroni’s story brought to a live-action film. Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty is a story of freedom bound to tug every viewer’s patriotic heartstrings.

“Nothing has moved me more in my entire life than this story of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. I’ve been captivated by it for over 22 years,” Darin Southam said. He has poured his heart and soul into this film. And I believe he deserves our support. 

If you want to see this film come to life, visit Reign of Judges on Kickstarter. The all-or-nothing campaign ends September 14th, so act fast and help spread the word!


(The Book of Mormon is my all-time favorite book. If you’d like to read the book that Captain Moroni’s story comes from, contact me and I’ll happily send a free copy your way.)


Esther Davis writes science fiction and fantasy short stories. You can read her stories in her recent book A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon, or by following her blog. You can also find her on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.



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