Don’t Forget to Feed the Computers

by Esther Davis

“Don’t forget to feed the computers.”

Dr. Whitmore pitched another fork of hay over Chicago’s iron fence. The elephant pinched the yellowed straw with his trunk and shoved it into his disproportionately tiny mouth. On paper, Chicago counted as another of Dr. Whitmore’s experimental specimen. The only real experiment was seeing how long he could get away with keeping a pet elephant.

“Could you feed them, Honey?” Dr. Whitmore asked. “I’ve got to finish another research proposal. Funding doesn’t grow on trees.”

Mrs. Whitmore crinkled her pudgy nose. “Have I ever offered to touch that sludge? You feed them.” …


Read the rest of “Don’t Forget to Feed the Computers” and other short stories in A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon.




I always feel bad about Thanksgiving never getting a proper celebration. When is the last time you read a Thanksgiving-themed story? I guess “Don’t Forget to Feed the Computers” isn’t exactly a Thanksgiving story either… But let’s pretend like it is, okay? Maybe you can picture Chicago dressed up in a elephant-sized turkey suit or something.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to feed any rotten turkey to the computers.

Next month’s sketch is “Nowell”, the first story in a 3-part mini series. I’m super excited for it. Make sure to check back in December so you can read it! If you want a reminder, subscribe or follow me on Twitter @EstherDDavis.


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