Cobweb of Ghosts

by Esther Davis

I watched the lone survivor ease back into the conscious world. Bloodied mud and scarlet-stained moss lay around him. I ran my tongue over the flesh wedged between my teeth, savoring the taste of centaur.

Sanroc rose to his hooves, staggered a moment. I probed Sanroc’s mind, searching for fear, but found none. Still dazed.

My eyes glazed over as I further submerged myself into his consciousness. I smirked at his grasping for memory. Mortals. Such feeble minds.

He’d been brought here against his will. Sanroc remembered that much. But he still didn’t see the shreds of ropes mingled with the surrounding carnage nor the dagger, forgotten, beneath the stunted, gnarled spruce.

Odan came in the night. He’d dragged Sanroc–gagged, bound, and blindfolded–from their village under the veil of the new moon. Sanroc massaged his head now, trying to pull his memory to the surface. He saw again Odan’s bitter eyes. I remembered the vengeful lust I’d lapped from his kidnappers mind.

I pulled back to my body, leaving only the smallest probe in Sanroc’s head. I dug my claws into the bark and shifted my weight to make branch groaned beneath me. Sanroc’s head snapped towards the dark trees. All at once he saw the carnage, remembered the screams, and knew I–the beast in the shadows–had devoured his “friend”…


Read the rest of “Cobweb of Ghosts” and other short stories in A Dog, 3 Cats, and a Dragon.



The idea of ghosts in a spiderweb inspired “Cobweb of Ghosts”. It’s probably my longest sketch.

I post monthly sketches (think the written version of a doodle) on my blog. Check out last month’s sketch “Tech #Disaster 101” if you haven’t already. For reminders to read upcoming sketches, subscribe or follow me on Twitter @EstherDDavis.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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