Preservation and Choice

The world was dying

and they must flee

Or they should’ve died with it too.

The cock crowed

on the final morn

And all gathered in to hear

The words of the One

The Magician Mighty

Who had created their escape

to a foreign land.


“Hark, hark,” cried the One

“For I have prepared the gate.”

“But you must give heed and

with wisdom consider

which of the two entrances to take.”


“Both lead to the same land

Both let only you through

(All your prized possessions must stay.)

But the gateway you choose

will forever decide

your fate in this new

unknown place.


“One way is of Safety and Preservation

allowing you to enter the new land as


You shall not erode

nor corrupt nor be changed

and forever be protected

and the same.

But neither shall ye have the power to move

nor to act nor to love nor to hate

nor to live nor to die

nor to work nor to play

But shall be preserved and ever unchanged.


“The second gateway is of Choice

entering the new world as people with

with flesh and blood that dies.

You shall live and love as you do here

grow old and feel the sickness of age

laugh, cry, smile, sigh

know pain and comfort and sacrifice.


“But what you gain in freedom

you lose in assurance

Assurance that when Our World is

reborn you will return


So a voice of warning I raise unto all who

choose the second gate:

You shall





The One tipped his hat,

leapt from the stand and said,

“I for one should choose number two.”

And walked through the crowd

with his head held high

And vanished through the arch called



Then the crowds of men, dwarfs, and elfs

Coursed forward and through

the gateway of their


A third wanted safety

The rest wanted freedom

No matter the dangers that came

They entered the new world

some as stone, some as men

And waited for Their World to


Years, decades, millenniums passed

And still no word from the magician’s orb

Those of the stone lived

On and on

And watched the strange ages pass by.

While those of flesh

Lived and died

Loved laughed and grew

Their children the same

And their grandchildren too

Until seven thousand generations

had passed away.


And then without warning

the magician’s orb glowed

“Our world has been reborn!” it cried.

“And this one shall soon die

the stars and the moon and the stones.

But ye of the flesh –

both living and dead – can be saved.

For two gateways connect this world

with Our New

They are called Preservation and Choice.”


– Esther Davis


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